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Gateau de Chouxfleur Tiede aux Poireaux - Warm Timbale of Cauliflower and Leek (v)

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This recipe serves 8 people


Gateau de Chouxfleur

  1. 760g of cauliflower florets (washed and leaves removed)
  2. 1.5l of whole milk
  3. 75g of grated parmesan
  4. 100g of eggs (2 eggs)
  5. 300g of leek
  6. Sea salt
  7. Thyme


  8. 100g of green leeks
  9. 50g of Xeres vinegar
  10. 200g of extra virgin olive oil
  11. A pinch of Cayenne pepper
  12. A pinch of sea salt


Step one

Bring 2 to boil, adding 6 and 7. Then add 1 until cooked throughout.

Step two

Remove 8 florets of the cauliflower and put aside for later.

Step three

Drain the milk and save for later use. Blend the remaining 660g of cauliflower until completely puréed.

Step four

Take 85g of the milk and crack and mix 4 to it.

Step five

Check the seasoning is to your taste.

Step six

Cook 5 in boiling salty water until cooked throughout.

Step seven

Take a ramekin dish, and grease with butter.

Step eight

Use the leaves of the leek to line the bottom of the ramekin.

Step nine

Fill the ramekin with the puréed cauliflower mix. Take one of the eight florets put aside earlier, and place it in the middle of the mix, out of sight but not touching the bottom. Sprinkle 3 on top.

Prepare eight ramekins in total in this way.

Step ten

Fill a baking tray with water and place the ramekins evenly spread out. Cook at 150°C, for 30-40 minutes

To test, place a knife into the centre of the ramekin and if cooked there will be no liquid running off the knife. If you have a probe, 83°C is optimal.

Step eleven

For the dressing, cook 8 throughout, and place in a tall metal pot. Add 9 with 12 and blend with a stick blender. Whilst blending slowly pour in 10. Season to taste with 11.

Step twelve

Take the gateau out of the ramekin, and place on a suitably warm plate. If in season, use some raw brussels sprout leaves and encase a roasted cherry tomato or a cauliflower floret within 3 leaves.

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