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Crème du Barry - Cauliflower Soup (v)

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This recipe serves 8 people


  1. 100g of unsalted butter
  2. 160g of the tender part of leek, finely sliced
  3. Bake 100g of flour for 4 minutes in a pre-heated oven at 180°C (making sure it stays white in colour)
  4. 2l of cold vegetable stock
  5. 1kg of uncooked cauliflower florets (without the leaves)
  6. 200g of double cream
  7. 160g of mini cauliflower florets cooked for 2 minutes in boiled salty water (each floret must have its stem cut off)
  8. A pinch of cayenne pepper


Step one

Add 2 to 1 in a pot. Gently sweat on a medium heat for 2/3 minutes, making sure no colouration occurs.

Step two

Add 3 until the flour makes a paste, then add 4 gradually bringing it to the boil. Keep stirring.

Adding the stock slowly allows the mixture to keep at boiling point, so the flour does not stick.

Step three

When boiling, add 5 and cook throughout.

Step four

Liquidize and pass through a sieve. Place the contents back in the pot and bring to boil.

Step five

Add 6 and bring it back to boiling point. Sample and season to your taste.

If vegetable cubes are used instead of fresh stock bear in mind it will already be adequately salted, so take care with additional seasoning.

Step six

Pour into a preheated soup bowl and add in 7 as a garnish.

The added florets will heat up from the soup itself.

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