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Ballotine de Volaille - Chicken Ballotine

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This recipe serves 8 people



  1. 5 chicken breasts
  2. 30g eggs (3/5 of one egg, crack one egg, whisk it and weigh)
  3. 70g double cream
  4. 2 red peppers (roast beforehand and place in a sealed container until cool, then remove the skin and finely dice)
  5. 4g fresh tarrogon leaves (finely diced)
  6. 2 pinches of salt and Cayenne pepper

    Tomato confit

  7. 6 vine tomatoes (quartered and with the skin removed - to do this, quickly place in boiling water and then place in very cold water - the skin will easily come off)
  8. 80g olive oil
  9. A few leaves of fresh thyme
  10. Salt
  11. Sugar


Step one

Skin and bone one of the chicken breasts, and dice. Place into a blender and purée. Whilst blending, add in 2, and 6, then pour in 3 slowly.

Make sure the chicken stays cold in the blender before adding the cream in.

Step two

Place in a bowl, and add 4 and 5.

Step three

Bone the remaining 4 chicken breasts, keeping the skin. Place onto a layer of clingfilm and cut into the breasts widthways, but not seperating them in two (butterfly). Then cover with another layer of clingfilm, and tenderise gently until flattened.

Make sure you leave enough room at the end of the clingfilm to complete step 5.

Step four

Take off the top layer of clingfilm and add sea salt and finely ground black pepper. Pour the puréed chicken mix prepared earlier across the breast lengthways, filling the gap inthe shape of a sausage.

Step five

Pick up the clingfilm on one side, then roll it over tightly into a compact cylinder shape, but making sure the stuffing inside stays spread evenly across. Then tie both ends of the clingfilm securely.

Step six

Steam the cylinder parcels for 20 minutes.

Test with a probe, 83°C being optimal, or insert knife into the centre and check the juices run clearly and it is piping hot.

Step seven

Place 7 in a roasting tray, outside up. Drizzle 8-11 over the top, then slow roast for 1½-2 hours at 60°C.

Step eight

Finely slice (4mm) the ballotine, then place on a plate, with the tomatoes to the side. Drizzle a vinegarette (1 part vinegar to 3 parts olive oil) over the ballotine. Place basil leaves between the tomatoes and the ballotine.

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