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Summer 2014 at the Pant-y-Gwydr

This is our current menu.

Soup de poisson £5.90 Fish soup with whole pieces of fish – as you might find it served in the port of Marseilles
Crème d’asperges (v) £4.90

Cream of asparagus soup (v)

Crottin de chèvre chaud, tatin de bettrave (v) £5.80 Grilled goat’s cheese, beetroot tatin (v)
6 Escargots de Bourgogne £6.00 Snails from Burgundy, served in garlic butter with roasted hazelnuts
1 Escargot... £1.00
Coquilles Saint Jacques £7.90 Pan-fried scallops, laverbread, vine tomato fondue
Tête de veau £5.80

A traditional French dish of Veal’s Head – a favourite of former French President Jacques Chirac - served warm with a sauce ravigote

(a sauce made with capers, gherkin, shallots, hard-boiled egg, tarragon, chervil, chives, olive oil)
Aile de pigeon aux pleurottes £5.50 Pan-fried breast of local, wild pigeon, oyster mushrooms, pine kernels, dandelions
Cuisses de grenouille au jus de persil et purée d’ail doux £6.90 Frogs legs with parsley and garlic - A dish inspired by the great French Michelin star chef Bernard Loiseau
Les incontournables – Irresistible Main Courses    
Grillon de porc, purée de pommes de terre £7.90 Slow-cooked belly of pork with mashed potatoes
Pied de porc £15.00

Pig’s trotter, slow-cooked with veal sweetbreads and Morel mushrooms, served with pan-fried gnocchi, petits pois and a Port sauce

(40 minutes cooking time)
Bavette*, échalottes £10.40

A typical French cut of steak, pan-fried with a shallot jus, served with chips and salad

This minute-style steak has been described as ‘tenderly chewy’ and, for this reason, it is cooked by French chefs for as short a time as possible in order to maintain some tenderness. We recommend that it is cooked medium (this will provide maximum tenderness) or rare.
Confit de canard, pommes salardaises £12.00 Barbary duck leg confit, potatoes sautéed with garlic and parsley
Poulet au citron vert et à l’oignon rouge rôti £14.60 Chicken breast, lime sauce and roasted red onion, chips
Magret de canard au cassis, bûche de pommes de terre façon lyonnaise £22.00

Gressingham duck breast (9oz/270g)
served with a blackcurrant sauce, potatoes lyonnaise

(a speciality of the Lyon region, finely-sliced potatoes slow-cooked with onions and thyme)
Le Veau


Veal cooked in three different ways: fillet of veal, veal sweetbreads and roulade of veal served with a green peppercorn sauce, pommes frites

Tagine aux légumes de saison (v) £13.50 Tagine of seasonal vegetables (a Moroccan technique for this vegetarian dish in which vegetables are slow-cooked in their own steam with aromatic spices) (v)
Potée de lotte £19.40

A recipe from the south of France - casserole of monkfish, squid and mussels served with aioli croutons

Tournedos Rossini* £28.80 French chefs loved to create dishes in honour of the Italian Rossini, since he was not only a famous composer, but also a reputed gourmet. This is the most well-known of those 19th Century recipes - made here using a Welsh fillet of beef served on sourdough toast, with hot foie gras and truffle essence and served with a classic Madeira sauce (demi-glace)
Légumes du marché, frites, salade £3.00 All dishes are served with a garnish. Please let us know at the time of your order if you would like an extra portion of freshly-cooked vegetables, chips or salad
This fillet steak may be ordered as follows - blue (50°C core temperature), rare (55°C core temperature), medium (60°C core temperature), or well done (65°C+ core temperature)
*Les étapes de cuisson – House style at the Pant-y-Gwydr - steaks are cooked according to temperatures recommended by the French Académie Nationale de Cuisine – these temperatures will help to define the texture of the final product (how much moisture it has retained), but have less impact on the colour, since this will depend on many factors including the age of the animal, the farm on which it was reared and the period for which the meat has been hung.
Assiette de trois fromages £5.90 Selection of three/four British and French organic cheeses
Brie de Meaux Donge (unpasteurised, AOC)  
Comté extra vieil  (unpasteurised, from the mountains of   
Eastern France)
Cropwell Bishop hand-made Stilton (organic)  
Pont l’Eveque Jacques Hennart (unpasteurised, from Normandy) (AOC)  
Our cheeses are best eaten at room temperature, so we encourage you to place your order in sufficient time for you to enjoy them fully.
Nos gourmandises – Desserts*    
L'Assiette pralinée £6.90 The nutty dessert - mini-rochers, iced nougat and raspberry coulis, almond and hazelnut nougat
Le Chocolat £6.90 Chocolate tart and sorbet, white chocolate mousse, ‘oeuf à la coque’
La Vanille £6.90 Mini-crème brulée, panacotta and parfait glacé
L'Assiette britannique £6.90 Mini-crème brulée, panacotta and parfait glacé
Le Café £6.90 Mini-nectarine and plum crumble, cinnamon ice cream, vanilla cheesecake, summer fruit compote
L'Assiette française £6.90

Mini-Paris-Brest (choux pastry with a praliné crème), minestrone of fresh fruits, lime and basil sorbet, mini-Normandy pancake

(with apple and Calvados)
(7 minutes preparation time)
*all of our desserts are suitable for vegetarians – Le Chocolat, L’Assiette française and L’Assiette pralinée contain small amounts of alcohol
Pant-y-Gwydr fresh fruit sorbets    
Raspberry sorbet £4.60  
Strawberry sorbet £4.60  
Lemon sorbet £4.60  
Lime and basil sorbet £4.60  
Fromage blanc sorbet £4.60  
Dark chocolate sorbet £4.60  
Pant-y-Gwydr ice cream    
Vanilla ice cream £4.60  
Honeycomb ice cream £4.60  
Praliné ice cream £4.60  
Pistachio nut ice cream £4.60  
Mint chocolate chip ice cream - made with fresh mint leaves and Saint Domingue dark chocolate £4.60  
Pistachio nut ice cream £4.60  
Cinnamon ice cream £4.60  
Coffee and tea    
Espresso £2.50  
Double espresso £2.95  
Cappuccino £2.80  
Double cappuccino £3.20  
Latte £2.90  
Macchiato £2.60  
Americano / black or white coffee £2.50  
Coffee with cream £2.80  
Hot chocolate French style £2.80  
Tea Mug Small pot Large pot
Try our Teapig tea leaf pyramids: £1.70 £2.40 £3.90
Everyday tea
Chocolate flake
Darjeeling Earl Grey
Superfruit berries
Jasmine pearls
Please let us know whether you have any food allergies and we will do our best to help
Payment by cash or credit/debit card
There is no service charge

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